Frequently Asked Questions


These are some common questions. If your questions are not answered here please contact me and I will be happy to help.

  • When does my horse need physiotherapy?

When he exhibits “bad” behaviour, stiffness, loss of performance or shows resentment when tacked up or mounted. Following a fall, accident, injury or surgery and during extended box rest. Pre-competition to improve performance  or  post competition to speed recovery. When suffering from osteoarthritis to improve mobility and well-being.

  • When does my dog need physiotherapy?

When he loses ability to jump up into the car or sofa, stiffness, behaviour change or “grumpiness”. Following an accident, injury or surgery and when suffering from osteoarthritis.

  • Can the animal be exercised before a treatment?

Gentle exercise is fine, but remember the horse needs to be clean and dry.

  • Can I ride immediately following a treatment?

In straightforward cases you can ride the next day, but I will advise you on this.

  • Why do you need my saddle?

Saddles are a common contributor to back pain and I can advise whether you need it checked by a saddler.

  • Do I get a discount for larger groups?

Yes. For two or more the cost is £45 per treatment. For three or more the cost is £40 per treatment.

  • Why do you need to contact my vet?

The veterinary surgeons act (1962) states that it is illegal to treat any animal without their vet’s permission. It also means I can receive information on your animal’s medical history.


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