“Sandy has such a lovely gentle manner with animals…”

An initial treatment may take up to 1½ hours and will include a thorough assessment of conformation, posture and movement, followed by palpation to locate the source of the problem(s). To give the best treatment the animal should be clean and dry, and for horses, tack needs to be available so they can be lunged and/or ridden if necessary.

A combination of massage, mobilisation techniques and electrotherapy are then used to give the most appropriate  treatment  and therapeutic ridden or in-hand exercises are given for you to continue their rehabilitation yourself.

I try and keep visits to a minimum. One treatment is often enough, but a course of treatments may be needed depending on the problem and the owner’s goals.

Nellie MassageStretch


Initial treatment: £60
Follow-up: £55


Initial treatment: £55
Follow-up: £50

There will be a reduced fee for 2 or more animals seen at one location.

 Rehabilitation and management of chronic conditions where treatment is ongoing may require shorter sessions and the fee will be reduced accordingly

Please note: If you are more than 20 miles from Sixpenny Handley an extra charge for fuel may be necessary



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