“I have owned my 7 year old 14’2 New Forest pony called Alfie since he was 4 and had been bringing him on slowly.  However, even with regular lessons, we seemed to be taking one step forward and two backwards.  I did all the normal things, got his teeth checked, saddle checked, food / nutrition review etc. but we still weren’t progressing as I would have liked.

I have known Sandy for sometime and was very lucky in the fact that she offered to look at Alfie.  During her visits Sandy would assess his gait in both straight lines and on the lunge and then using low-level laser therapy, massage and therapeutic ultrasound  work on any tight/ troublesome areas to free up and improve his normal movement.

Alfie did have a weakness with his nearside hind and some saddle issues, which had caused problems with his shoulder and neck muscles. With a new saddle and Sandy’s input I’m pleased to say that Alfie is now much stronger and continuing to improve, making him a happier pony and thus me a happier owner.

I trust Sandy completely, she did a fantastic job (and still is) in getting Alfie moving freely and developing correct muscles.  I would very strongly recommend Sandy to anyone.  She is not only a very competent and incredibly thorough physio, but is also lovely with how she handles and treats all the animals.”

Ali Trinder, Owner/rider – Wimborne, Dorset


“Sandy treats my 14 year old Springer Spaniel Blaze for her crippling arthritis and has helped her to be more comfortable and  maintain movement so that she can lead a more  normal life.  Sandy has such a lovely gentle manner with animals and  Blaze remained relaxed and happy in Sandy’s gentle care.”

Ann Bond, Dog Behaviourist and Trainer – Dorchester, Dorset


“After a seasons hunting where he’d sustained  a couple of falls and a leg injury Zion, my 17hh Tb was stiff and had lost his spark. After just one treatment the swelling in his leg was reduced and Zion was back to his old self. We’re now looking forward to next season and I’ll definitely be calling Sandy if we have any back problems in future.”

Graeme Connal, Riding School & Livery Yard owner – Nr Fordingbridge, Hampshire


“I was in a quandary as to what to do about my 17 yo cat Missie, as the medication for arthritis in her right elbow was no longer working. I didn’t really want to increase the dose of her NSAIDs and it was at this time I was recommended physiotherapy with Sandy. I was scepitical anything could be done or how well Missie would tolerate physiotherapy, but thought it was worth a try.

I was right – Missie was not the easiest patient, but Sandy was quiet and patient and was careful not to stress Missie. As the arthritis was already diagnosed by my vet Sandy knew the area to treat and and gave me a pulsed electromagnetic field machine to treat her with twice a day. The machine was easy to use and because the applicator is placed under her bed Missie didn’t even know she was being treated!

The treatment took 6 weeks after which Missie was sound again without any increase in her medication.”

Lyndsy Trinder, Pet owner – Wimborne, Dorset


I wanted to write and thank you for all your help with Ella, my black lab for her intermittent lameness problem. Following our 2 treatment sessions 2 months ago I have continued with the exercises you showed me twice a day without fail.

I am thrilled to say Ella is now 100% – no sign of a limp – and is picking up again quite normally!

Angela Peacock, Working dog owner – Sherborne, Dorset


“Following my 8yo Weimaraner, Dallas suffering a spinal injury she needed help regaining the strength and co-ordination in her hindlegs. She recovered to a certain level, but was still very weak and wobbly and I wanted her to have a better quality of life. Sandy was very approachable and listened carefully to my concerns. She was friendly and treated my dog kindly and with affection. The range of physio techniques she recommended to use between our appointments were excellent and she gave me the confidence to continue to help Dallas myself. I would recommend Sandy as an animal Physiotherapist without hesitation.”

Katie Fry, Dog owner – Tisbury, Dorset


I contacted Sandy after an orthopaedic specialist recommended that my 2 year old Labrador have physio to improve his shoulder lameness and discomfort. My dog was immediately happy to allow sandy to examine him as her calm and confident manner instilled trust and Sandy was always patient and understanding with my labrador as he can be very exuberant at times! Sandy is very knowledgeable and after four months of having a lame young dog this was very reassuring,  she is also methodical in explaining exercises to you and works alongside what your dog is able to do and what is practically achievable. Sandy always took the time to assess him each visit to establish how well he was progressing, furthermore Sandy has thought about practical methods to use which will help prevent any future recurrences of lameness which has been fantastic. I highly recommend Sandy and will not hesitate to contact her in the future if either of my dogs required any treatment.

Helen Satchell – Nunton, Nr Salisbury, Wiltshire

“Duke my Rottie was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia at 5 years old. He had the keyhole arthroscopy operation on both elbows and recovered really well. However, I was concerned about relying so heavily on arthritis medication for him at such a young age. Which is when we discovered Sandy and hydrotherapy….and we haven’t looked back!

He absolutely loves his hydrotherapy sessions, even though he has to be reminded to actually swim and not just drink the pool water every (yes, every) week. Once in the water he is really happy and he progressed quite quickly from the buoyancy aids to just his harness. His physical shape and measurements have changed dramatically, with an increase in muscle on his front legs to protect those elbows and generally a much better overall even shape. His medication has been reduced from two/three times a week to once or twice a month (this may increase over the winter months, but we will see).
We have been coming to weekly hydrotherapy sessions since March 2014 when Duke turned 7 years old. In those 6 months the change in him has been significant and hugely beneficial to both his health and confidence. He has also had a few physiotherapy sessions to compliment the hydrotherapy and this too has also made a marked difference to his overall flexibility and mobility.”
Caroline Munby, Nr Wimborne, Dorset

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