Electrotherapy ( or machines that heal )

Phototherapy or low level laser therapy

red light treatmentVisible red light is used to relax muscles, disperse bruising, release endorphins (‘feel-good’ hormones) and prepare soft tissue for massage and stretching. It is also used to help wound healing and is especially useful on areas which are slow to heal due to their constant movement eg around the  joints of the limb.

Visible blue light is used on wounds and skin conditions to kill bacteria and is useful on patients which resent wound cleaning as the applicator does not have to contact the area.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is applied via a gel on the animals coat in order to conduct the soundwave into the tissue. It is useful for relieving chronic muscle spasm, reducing swelling, softening scar tissue and healing tendon and ligament injuries. I use longwave ultrasound which can penetrate deeper into the tissue which is especially useful in the large muscles of the horse.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

PEMF therapy is applied via a boot or applicator to the area of injury or in small animals placed under their bed. This modality is especially useful when a longer treatment period is required and can be hired to allow treatment to continue daily. PEMF therapy is used for muscle, tendon and ligament injury as well as osteoarthritis and fracture healing.


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