Physiotherapy explained

Fundamentally, physiotherapy helps the body to heal itself and in some cases can reduce the need for medication and/or surgery.  Although the body’s natural healing process does its utmost to heal when it is injured, left alone soft-tissue will heal in a haphazard way creating scar tissue and a weakness which is more prone to re-injury.  The use of physiotherapy can help heal better, faster and stronger with a greater chance to return to full function. Regular physiotherapy treatment  can also work as a preventative to injury and increase performance and athletic ability. It is science-based and employs various non-invasive techniques. These include massage, stretching, joint mobilisation, area-specific exercise and electrotherapy.

Although horses and dogs generally suffer from different problems both species can benefit from physiotherapy. Any breed, size or discipline from high-level competition animals to pets and hacks can benefit from treatment.


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